If you happened to read my latest piece on “The danger of the 20th Century Booty Phenomenon” you will understand the reference regarding the Hip flexor and the impact it can inflict on our posture when excessively overactive and tight!

This is not just for Equestrian riders, who spend long hours in a shortened hip position in the saddle, but also for the majority of todays society whom spend long hours at work in a seated position, driving or on the sports field where hip flexion is sustained over a long period of time. This is a great stretch for your hip flexor and quadricep complex, which you can easily perform anywhere/anytime 🙂

You can add more pillows underneath your knee to begin with, or place your foot behind you on a lower stool/chair, which will modify just how much of a stretch you generate from your musculature. The beauty of this is that YOU are in control of the amount of stretch you want to generate!

Remember to keep your belly button drawn in towards your spine and don’t let any of that water spill out of your bucket

Iliopsoas and Quadriceps stretch

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