Riding is so much more than just sitting in the saddle! It doesn’t matter what sport you play, the athletes that are really prepared to go that extra mile, dedicated to become the best in their field, use sport specific performance training outside of the hours they spend in ‘sport mode’.  At Performance Physiques we have the Knowledge and Background to get you your best, functionally stable and effective seat, whilst keeping you strong and limiting the prevalence of injuries.

We have developed a specific 2 part ‘Equestrian MBA’ (Muscle Balance Assessment) consisting of a series of strength, flexibility and Range of Motion tests performed to the upper & lower body including the spine and core. This is a 2-part MBA (off & on your horse!) We look at your postural alignment and muscular firing patterns whilst you are riding and formulate a plan to help you find your optimal and effective position in the saddle.

Following your Stage 1 analysis is Stage 2, where you are explained about the biomechanics of your seat in the saddle and closely guided on how to make the correct changes and achieve postural harmony between you and your horses way of going.

The results of your MBA will indicate any muscular dysfunctions, weakness or tightness in any muscle groups along with any joint hyper/hypo-mobility. This assessment procedure serves as a blueprint for your exercise program and allows your Physiotherapist/Performance Trainer to design a very specific and individualized plan to meet your needs.

Training options for Overseas or out of state riders

Our Personalised online training program is everything that you will need to get the results you’ve been looking for, stay motivated and increase your riding performance.

So you are not local but would love our expertise to help you towards your goals!? We cater to you with an online training package. Your work-out plans are emailed to you weekly and are customized to YOUR specific needs (you will NEVER get bored)

We consult with each client on a monthly basis via a phone consultation, talk through a reviewed ridden video of you and your horse & send through via email bio-mechanical findings and suggested performance plan to keep you progressing towards your goals.

Goal-setting and Progress picture analysis is also an intricate part of our training protocol process.

This training program is available in two options:

  1. 4 Week Rider Performance
  2. 12 Week Rider Performance 

Custom Training packages are available for San Diego based clients who want a little more hands on therapy.

Britta will travel by request to private equestrian barns throughout the US and Internationally by request. Please contact us via email to discuss as packages are tailored to the specific needs of each group …

National & International Clinics & Trade shows

Britta is available by special request to guest lecture & present at National and International Clinics and Trade shows – Please contact us directly to discuss

Please do not hesitate to email us for further information on any of the above